digital community management

Digital community management.

APinteractive engages with your online community to advance your reach. We are experts in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. We start by consulting with you to determine the most effective social media platform or mix of platforms to expand your business to achieve your goal.

We offer two options.


Anna Patrick is talented, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.
– Lori Ames, Founder & President, ThePRFreelancer, Inc.

  • Partial community management. We will post original content once per day in addition to sharing others social media posts to expand your community reach.
  • Full community management. We will post original content two to three times per day in addition to sharing others social media posts to expand your community reach. We will actively reach out and engage individuals and organizations who are acknowledged as those of influence in the subject matter. We will research, develop and maintain lists of individuals and organizations highly matched with your area of interest.

blog management

Blog management.

APinteractive brings your unique perspective forward by making your voice known among those in your field. You can move from being known for your social media presence to bringing depth to the conversation through your writing.


Her writing style was elegant yet accessible … she was also a delight to work with.
– Alexander Garinther, Graduate Teaching Fellow at University of Oregon

We offer three options.

  • Edit and post a blog entry you have written once a week.
  • Write and post an original blog entry once a week.
  • Write and post two original blog entries per week.

content strategy

Content strategy.

APinteractive are experts in social media and in the design and content of websites and blogs. Not sure what you need or where to advance? We bring a breath of experience to help you navigate those decisions through our consultation services.

We offer one-hour sessions on either:


I was blown away with Anna’s ability to create high quality content and reader engagement on an extremely consistent basis.
– Matthew Primmer, Founder of

  • Social media platform of your choice. We’ll cover content strategy, best practice tips, profile optimization, and more. Note: It is often best to consider a set of two to four one-hour sessions in order to get the most lasting benefit.
  • Website or blog. We’ll cover design and content strategy to gain the most productive return on your investment for these product.

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